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Biological microscope laboratory observation of microbial Wholesale

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    Product Description

    Biological microscope laboratory observation of microbial Wholesale

    I.  Application

    XSP-207B of bio-microscope has modern frame and can fit 45°inclined monocular, binocular, trinocular head on it. Double layer mechanical stage with adjustable long handle and coaxial coarse/fine focus knob make the operation easily. It is also provided with high quality achromatic objectives, wide field eyepieces and LED lamp adjustable brightness, which guarantee the best image. It is widely used for examination, teaching demonstration, bacteioscopy and cytoscopy in colleges and university, medical and health establishments, research institutes and department of forestry and agriculture and so on.

    II.  Specification of Standard Accessories

    1.  Objectives



    Numerical aperture

    Working distance


    Objectives(black or white)














    2.   Eyepieces




    Diameter Of The Field Of View

    Focal Length

    Wide Field




    Wide Field





    3.  Total magnification


    Eyepieces    Total magnification


















    4. Mechanical tube length: 160mm

    5. Objective to primary image distance: 195mm

    6. Stage size: 140mm X 132mm, moving range: 75 X 45mm

    7. ABBE condenser, N.A. =1.25 with iris diaphragm

    8. Coarse/fine focal range: 20mm

    9. Illumination: 3W LED with adjustable brightness

    10. Net weight: 5kg

    11. Measurement (including viewing head): 262mm(L) X 204mm(W) X 389mm(H)

    12.Carton size: 32cm × 27cm × 43mm


    III.  Structure  (showed as diagram)

    XSP-207B microscope is composed of nine main component parts:

    1.   Stand: It’s the base bearing total weight of microscope, which built in illumination system, electronic parts and connecting control.

    2. Rise and fall support: It connects with stage, arm and condenser. Stage and condenser can move vertically through it for proper operation.

    3. Arm: It’s the central part connecting the frame and every main component part. It’s provided with coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tension adjustable knob and limited stopper. It guarantees the stage rise and down smoothly.

    4. Viewing head: It can fit on 45°inclined monocular, binocular, or trinocular head.

    5. Eyepieces: Using WF10X or WF16X (optional) wide field eyepiece.

    6. Nosepiece: It guarantees comfortable and precise rotation by quadruple revolving nosepiece.

    7. Objective: 4X, 10X, 40(S) and 100X(S, Oil) high-quality achromatic objectives make the imaging clearly.

    8. Stage: Using double layer mechanical stage, it can be operated much easily by coaxial knob in low position.

    9. Condenser: ABBE condenser N.A =1.25 with iris diaphragm.


    IV.  Operation Instruction

    1. Insert the eyepieces into the eyepiece tube, and screw objectives into the nosepiece in sequence of different magnification from low to high. Then put the specimen on the stage and secure it in the position with tablet and move it to the center of stage.

    2. Turn on the power switch and adjust the brightness from dark to bright slowly. After working, you must adjust the brightness to a little dark before you tune it off.

    3. Observe the specimen from lower magnification objective firstly and move the specimen to the center of view field, then rotate higher magnification objective. You may use the fine focusing knob to obtain the clear image. When 100X (S, Oil) objective is used , you should fill up with cedar wood oil (without bubble ) between the front of objective and the specimen surface. After working, it should be wiped with a few xylene   immediately.

    4. In order to obtain bright and clear image, the illumination must be adjusted .When different objective is chosen, you should adjust the iris diaphragm of the condenser and different brightness of the light.

    5. When the lamp needs to replace, you should shut off the power switch and replace it after the lamp is cool. NOTE: The contact must be firmed, and the filament center should be adjusted.

    V.  Maintenance

    1.  Exam the connection of every component parts is firm when opening the package and installing the microscope. Be careful, not overexert to break the instrument.

    2.  Operate correctly, and put the dust cover on the microscope after work to prevent from the dust and oil strain.

    3.  Don’t dismantle the instrument rashly besides the replaceable lest the correct position should be breached.

    4.  Keep the instrument in dry and cool place and away from the pollution and corrosion.

    5.  Please send the instrument to the special repair shop if it goes out of order.

    6.  When the objectives and eyepieces won’t be used for a long time, please place them into a dry box , and put the dust cover onto the microscope.

    VI.  Standard Outfit of XSP-207B  Biological Microscope


    4X, 10X, 40(S), 100X(S, Oil)




    Viewing Head

    Sliding Binocular Head

    Sliding Trinocular Head





    Double Layer Mechanical Stage


    3WLED or 6V / 20W Halogen Lamp


    Abbe Condenser N.A=1.25

    VII.  Full Set of the Instrument

    1.  Mainframe of bio-microscope of XSP-207B              1 PC

    2.  Viewing head                                        1 PC

    3.  Objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X(S), 100X(S,O)              1 PC of each

    4.  Eyepiece WF 10X   WF 16X                             1 PAIR

    5.  3W LED or 6V/20W halogen lamp                       1 PC

    6.  Fuse BGX1-20 (1.0 A)                                1 PC

    7.  Green filter                                         1 PC

    8.  Ceda wood oil                                       1 BOTTLE

    9.  Operational manual                                  1 COPY

    10. Power cable                                         1 PC

    11. Dust cover                                          1 PC

    12. Desiccant                                           1 PACKET

     14. Plain-concave mirror                             OPTIONAL

    ● 15. Yellow & blue filter                             OPTIONAL

    ● 16. Wooden box                                       OPTIONAL

    Complete Production ChainMultiple Dust-Free Workshop Production LinesHigh Standard Medical LaboratoryShort Lead Time

    About US:

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    4.Comply with Europe and America standard.

    5.OEM,ODM and OBM orders available.


    Products details:

    1) Various designs and colors are available

    2) Good quality and competitives prices

    3) Packing: 1pcs/ opp bag 10 pcs/ doz or according to customer designs

    4) Sea express(20-35days),FedEx/TNT/DHL(4-9days) Federal Express.

    5) T/T / Western Union / Visa / MasterCard / American Express

    6) Retail Free Shipping:Only US, UK,Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan,Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,Free Shipping(Express to your home 5-12 days)

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